WATCH: Hailmary’s new video ahead of Wallapalooza appearance

Hailmary will be one of only five bands along with These Four Walls, RedHook, Smoking Martha and Flannelette to tour on all five legs of the Wallapalooza Festival in its first year of going national.

Since launching five years ago, the Gold Coast event has become one of the most successful and long-running independent festivals in Southeast Queensland, drawing crowds in excess of 1000 people. And now, it’s taking on the east coast with shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron and Brisbane.

We chatted to Hailmary ahead of their appearance at Australia’s most cinematic rock and metal festival which will hit Byron (June 5) Brisbane (June 6) Gold Coast (June 7) Melbourne (June 12 and Sydney (June 14).

As well as announcing their Wallapalooza slot, Hailmary have also released a brand new music video for My Song, which plays out like a modern day action video.

“Don’t make it serious, we just want to take the piss out of ourselves” was the only brief that Hailmary gave to LFD Collective’s Kiran Wilson in collaborating on the brand new music video. Word to the wise…. they achieved that objective.

So, play this video while you read our Q+A with Hailmary’s Kevin Curran (vocals / guitar / song writer)

What’s the best thing about events like Wallapalooza?

Getting to play to new crowds at a well organised event by a team who really support Australian music and generally have an awesome time doing so!  We played the Gold coast one last year and had a blast – such a well organised festival so it is great to be able to do it again and to see it grow and expand to other states.  We’re pretty humbled to be one of only four bands doing the whole tour.


What’s one thing you’d like on your rider that you might be embarrassed to ask for?   

Whole chickens – and lots of them (Cooked of course)


What do you think about the Gold Coast music scene?

We haven’t seen a hell of lot of the scene being from the West, but judging by the Wallapalooza line-up last year it’s clear that it’s a really vibrant and diverse scene with some kick-ass bands.


What’s one thing our readers would be surprised to know about Hailmary?

That we’re bi-coastal! Three of us live in Perth and one lives in Melbourne – great for frequent flyer points as we try and make sure we’re together and gigging regularly.


What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened at one of your gigs?

Well last year  – at an undisclosed location on the Gold Coast we were having a few drinks back at the acco after the gig and this couple came out of nowhere and joined us. They had a really odd vibe, were making out in front of us, and we were all a bit wary.  Anyway the girl took a liking to our bassist Mick and tried to get Mick in on the couples action, leaning in and taking a shot to give him a kiss, then they both gave him the wink and nod to join them for some special action.  Mick, who is recently married, went ghost white, we’ve never seen him look so scared.  Was brilliant!


What advice would you give your 18yo self?

Stop sulking and whinging about not having a girlfriend and a band and get better at guitar you idiot!


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Catch Hailmary amongst a stellar lineup of metal and heavy rock when Wallapalooza hits Wallaby Hotel on Sunday 7 June and Brisbane’s New Globe Theatre the day prior. Full lineup and venue details here. 

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