Spend a night on the beach with Wave Fields

Wave Fields at Bleach

Wave Fields presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend an entire evening sleeping on the beach, inside a blanket of sound created by internationally renowned artist Lawrence English. Merging music, environmental recordings and live sound from the performance location itself, Wave Fields invites audiences to experience the ways in which sound drifts into and out of our dreams, and how incidental atmospheres complement, interrupt and augment our sleep.

You won’t be left out in the cold either, with the best local providores supplying delicious food and drink before you slip into sleep, and again when the sun stirs you in the morning. Experience this life-altering, wholly immersive experience while sleeping under the stars on the shores of the beautiful Gold Coast. Wave Fields runs on 6 + 7 April, and tickets can be purchased from the Bleach* Festival website.

Photo credit:  Art-Work Agency

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