Wax Lyrical with Australian Songwriters Association

Gold Coast next day cialis has a new open mic night. Wax Lyrical, coordinated by the Australian Songwriters Association is a monthly gathering of songwriters at Dust Temple and it kicks cialis by mail off Thursday 12 October. Gary Bagnell, the Association’s regional coordinator and a Gold Coast singer / songwriter and performer gives us the low down.

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Wax Lyrical buying propecia without a prescription is the name of open mic songwriters session in every region of Australia. Gary says it’s a 2.5 hour long community development event for those who may not have an outlet to grow their talent and skills.

The format is like any open mic event where songwriter / performers put their name onto a board and perform in order,” Gary told Blank Gold cheap price propecia Coast. “Usually solo songwriters perform but there may be more than one performer for a song.”

A small PA and mics are available and generic levitra purchase songwriters perform three original songs of any genre and style to a supportive audience of friends, peers and professionals.

“There is an opportunity for audience peers to constructively reflect on a song through feedback forms which are given to the performer. This allows for discussion and networking,” Gary said.

He’s also hoping if the sessions prove popular that music industry representative from national and peak organisations might get involved to give advice on song writing mechanics and copyright.

“An aim would be to run a once or twice yearly showcase event, potentially professional songwriters / performers may hold workshops or songwriters in the round,” he added.

Songwriters and performers around the world credit open mic sessions like this with helping them find their feet in the music industry, to hone their stage craft and to practice new songs with a constructive audience.

It is important to have a nurturing, supportive space where emerging (not necessarily young) songwriters can have a performance area to present their compositions to others,” Gary said.

Experienced songwriters are writing all the time. It’s just as important for professional songwriters to present their work in a supportive environment. They have the opportunity to provide guidance to peers and emerging songwriters and to promote the art of songwriting,” he added.

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Wax Lyrical takes place at Dust Temple, Currumbin Creek Road on the second Thursday of every month from 7.00pm, kicking off at 12 October. Australian Songwriters Association is a national, membership-based organisation that supports songwriters and their art. Find out more at asai.org.au.



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