We All Drive: From Kingscliff To Cooly

Power packed duo We All Drive have recently set about turning heads on the local music scene with their amphetamised take on the two-piece rock format.

The band consists of high school pals Joel Sims (bass and vocals) and Thomas Hayes (drums). Joel describes their evolution as a band.

“Well Tom and I have been jamming since we were fifteen, during high school. From there we tried putting something together with a couple of our other friends but nothing really came of it in the end. It wasn’t until I wrapped my head around live music and performing when I went to Coomera TAFE for a year that I started to narrow down some ideas that would eventually turn into the band.”

And as for their decision to forge ahead as a lean, mean two piece rock machine:

“It was always pretty much a two piece from the start. I started to become a fan of the duo band concept after I figured out a bit of Royal Blood’s style of playing. But down the road a bit I started listening to more DZ Deathrays, Reignwolf and Cleopatrick to try and switch it up a bit in terms of sound and tone and all that,” he says.

“And I think listening to QOTSA, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Jack White really helped to turn it into our own sound in the end. But yeah, a two piece was pretty much the easiest and best plan I thought of at the time, just the two of us playing music onstage, doing what we love best. Maybe in a couple of years we’ll see about getting another guitarist onstage, but for now we’re just keen to see where the two of us being the two of us will take us.”

Their latest track, ‘Kingscliff’, is an epic, brooding chugger with a swelling chorus, delivering a monster sound belying their stripped-back set up. Joel discussed the inspiration behind the track.

“The song was us jamming out random stuff and putting it together and writing lyrics over the top of it. The idea was that I always wanted to write a song about my friends and my gratitude towards them for always being there for us and each other. So it pretty much turned into a tribute to them, hence the title ‘Kingscliff’, because we attended the high school in the area.”

The guys are playing at the Cooly Hotel early this month, and Joel says we can expect some hi-jinx.

“I do like jumping off the drum kits. It’s one of my personal favourite hobbies so you’ll be seeing a bit of that. You’ll probably hear loud music coming out of big speakers and good vibes and alcohol going around. And a few other great bands are playing with us.”

In celebration of the launch of ‘Kingscliff’, the band will be playing a headline show at the Cooly Hotel on 7 September alongside Verum, who are also doing a single launch. Hurricanes & Echoes + Coastal Lights are special guests.

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