We hang 5 with Felicity Lawless


How do you write your songs? Do you have a process that helps your song writing?

Some songs wake me up in the middle of the night demanding to be written, in which case I usually have a pen and book on hand to grab them from the ether and capture them on paper, and the music arrives later. Other times, I just tinker on my guitar until it writes a song for me. Silence leaves room for music. Living and silence is the best process.
What advice would you give aspiring musicians?

Keep listening and playing and collaborate with as many musicians as possible. Be free, live life to the fullest and draw inspiration from all of the elements, people and Bohemia you can find and create… To play music is to bring joy, awareness and love to the community, let that always be the intention. Practice, persist and be yourself.
Who is your main influence and why?

Bjork, because of her completely original style and the way she manipulates so many musical, natural and technological elements to create her music. I love that she goes to the edge of the cliff every morning “and throws little things off, like car parts, bottles and cutlery”.

I love her amazing voice, lyrics, song arrangements and outfits. Her film clips are ridiculously amazing as are her live performances, which utilize many varied, unusual ensembles, musicians and instruments. Goddess.
What is your favourite thing about living on the Gold Coast?

So many awesome things… where to begin? The forests, the ocean, the rivers and the close proximity of it all; the emerging, amazing live music scene and related Bohemia; the people, the community festivals, the variety of yummy food places and awesome cafes, the fresh air and all my friends scattered through all of these places constantly popping up everywhere…
Where is your favourite local haunt?

Bambu Bar in Palmy is where I play most and love most, such incredible people, atmosphere, food and amazing music every time. My friend and I have a plan to build a loft on top of it and live there. My other favourites are Miami Marketta where I always have the warmest, most appreciative audiences, and Pablo Pablo in Palmy where the food is divine and the staff are more entertaining than me!!


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