Wharves: Live review | BIGSOUND | Wednesday 6 September, 2017

Lennox Head boys Wharves were a highly anticipated act in the BIGSOUND lineup and their edgy 80’s inspired rock did not disappoint with everyone in the crowd having a really great groove. It was probably one of the first gigs I’d seen throughout the festival where people were really letting loose and giving in to the atmosphere. The band played like they had been playing together for decades rather than years and nailed every single song they gave to crowd, giving off a high energy vibe pretty early in the evening.

They played pretty much all of their singles starting with their oldest ‘It’s You’ and ending with their newest song ‘Love Decide’ but their biggest song of the night had to be ‘Man You Want Me To Be’. It was definitely the one to send the crowd into a frenzy and you could even see the band members playing a little harder and giving the song just that little bit of extra grungy attitude.
While the band as a whole is brilliant, it was the lead guitarist that stole the show, banging out complicated but really catchy riffs with ease. He really took their set to the next level and make it sound more ‘live’ rather than just a carbon copy of their recorded songs.
IMAGE (c) Nadia Achilles

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