When our community succeeds, we succeed: The Village Markets share the love.

Marissa Bowden and Sarah Schoeller are the brains behind The Village Markets. If you haven’t met the ladies in person, you’ve almost certainly visited their business. The Village Markets have been running on the Gold Coast since 2008, providing live daytime music, boutique vintage and designer stalls and delicious food for shoppers and culture-hunters alike. Now the enterprising duo have collaborated on an e-book entitled ‘How to Launch Your Startup: A practical business guide for creative entrepreneurs’. We wanted to hear what they had to say.

Tell us what your book is about, in your own words.

Marissa: It’s an easy to use business and marketing resource for small businesses. It’s filled with tips we wished we had known when starting our business nine years ago and we’ve also shared some of our most used programs, apps and software.

Sarah: Our eBook, ‘How to Launch Your Startup’, is a combination of our business and marketing knowledge from uni (both Marissa and I have Business Degrees), work experience (together we have over 20 years marketing experience) and nine years in business at TVM. It’s a go-to for anyone wanting to start a business and includes everything we wish we had when starting out, in a simple, easy to read document. It also includes a business checklist for starting and a resource toolkit with our favourite business tools.

Many people would consider a book like this to be possibly giving tips to competitors. What made you decide to share the love?

Marissa: We’ve always been about community and supporting small creative businesses, it’s the ethos of our brand. We’ve also found over the years (TVM has supported over 1000 small businesses in 9 years) that many creatives are incredible at the creative side of their business but need a little support with the business and admin side of things, so we wanted to share our knowledge with others.

Sarah: Our motto is ‘When our community succeeds, we succeed’ and the Book is actually free to our stall holders. We love that we can help others with getting their own business off the ground and sharing our knowledge, will hopefully allow others to enjoy success doing something they love.

So tell us a little bit about how you guys came to be in business together in the first place!

Sarah:  Marissa and I met at work and although we didn’t work together closely, we did share the same interests and passions. One of them was a strong sense of pride in the Gold Coast and annoyance when people would always say “The Gold Coast has no culture”. After finding ourselves redundant at 26 years old, a brief stint off work gave us the time to develop the TVM concept, create a business plan and pitch away.

Do you have any other projects or exciting news in the works?

Marissa: We would like to potentially expand TVM into other locations eventually, we’re also working on additional eBooks and more instalments of our TVM Talks events. Stay tuned!

The ‘How to Launch Your Startup eBook’ is available for download at thevillagemarkets.co/shop for $14.99.

IMAGE (c) Alice Wint

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