Who is behind Studio 56?

Dan and Terri Ceh, otherwised known as WHO, are no strangers to the Gold Coast music scene. Heavily involved in the GC Music Industry Association while it ran, they have a long association with Miami Marketta and have been mentors and booking agents working with a tonne of artists and venues over the years.

Previously booking places like The Loft and elsewhere and the basement, it was six months ago when they were approached by Miami Marketta’s Emma Millikins about booking a new space in the Marketta precinct.

Actually to say it’s a new space would be incorrect. Studio 56 is a familiar space to anyone who’s been to Marketta events – but it’s had new life breathed into it with a dedicated stage, new sound system and now regular Thursday night gigs.

“We thought it’d be a good opportunity especially in that environment, and to have a room that just sounded really good,” Terri tells me as we meet next door to the venue. “If a venue sounds good then a lot of the big touring bands will want to come through and the environment with the food trucks it just adds another element.”

Dan says their vision of these Thursday nights is to “just support the local music community, help it grow.”

He says when the pair were booking venues in the past, they were more connected. “We’ve kind of found now the music community is still like that but we’re lacking those venues – we thought it’d be good to get back to that again.”

One of the models Dan and Terri have used in the past and are hoping to start at Studio 56 is to offer residencies and support slots to local artists, as well as giving people the chance to play solo. And with interest coming from touring bands, offering those opportunities to local acts could be a boon to Gold Coast musicians.

“We’re trying, like if a bigger band comes through, we’d like to do the opener,” Terri said. “It’s just a good stepping stone – an opportunity you don’t get very often. If we can provide that for local artists, it’s just better for them.”

“For a lot of local artist, they don’t want to make a million dollars from playing a venue they just want to get a crowd there,” they tell me.

The pair are excited to be working in the new space, and to be growing a new enue on the Gold Coast – particularly one with a 400+ capacity. “We’ve heard everything about venues closing and now there’s this opportunity of something opening up and people have the chance to support it,” they said.

With Josh Pyke confirmed for a February show and shows confirmed for Screamfeeder and The Vernons in November, seems like Studio 56 is off to a running start.

The Moonlight Society w/ The Maslows & Crown the Humble @ Studio 56 – Thursday 17th December
Josh Pyke @ Studio 56 – Thursday 4th February

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