Wild Wogs Invade The Gold Coast

Jupiters Hotel & Casino brings the outrageously funny Wild Wogs to the Gold Coast on Friday March 11 for a night of non-stop cultural comedy that’s guaranteed to leave the audience in stitches.

Starring the undeniably hilarious Gabriel Rossi, Acropolis Now’s George Kapiniaris, Logie nominated comedian Tahir, Fat Pizza’s Rob Shehadie, the show will offer hilarious insight into the daily antics of an Aussie Wog.

Greek golden boy George Kapiniaris has appeared in just about all of your favourite Australian television shows. From the popular ‘Underbelly’ series to ‘Kick’, ‘Joker Poker’ and the show that launched his comedic television career, ‘Acropolis Now’, George has been making Australian Wogs and Aussies laugh ever since his debut. We had a quick chat with George prior to his Gold Coast return.

Hey there, Malaka! We’ve missed you here on the sunny Gold Coast. Give us an account of your recent mischief…

I took my 7 year old son to the chemist shop the other day… I need to buy Fungal Cream…He called out at the top of his voice… Hey look dad Fungoolo Cream!

You’ve been cracking us up for the last thirty-odd years with your brand of cultural comedy, so you’re in a good position to answer this one: What are the differences between the wogs of our generation and the new millennial wogs?

Actually its 31 years now…. Wogs don’t drive cabs or own fruit shops and hairdressing salons anymore… Wogs now have moved up the social ladder and are working as Lawyers , Politicians and Property developers while sipping wine and raising money for the local soccer club. PS. Now we all vote Liberal!

Have you tweaked the show at all to play to your Queensland audience? We’re a bit more laid back up here you know… expect to see some sweet dress thongs in the crowd

Looking forward to checking out as many thongs as possible while I’m there! The show doesn’t need too much tweaking cause even though it’s woggy it’s also very Aussie and extremely funny!

Give us a sneaky peak at a joke from the show… go on, you know you want to!

This one might offend a few demographics, but it was told to me by an Aussie woman from ‘Cabooltcha’ and we decided to put it in our shows. Why weren’t Adam and Eve an Asian couple? Cause they would’ve eaten the snake.

How many hecklers have yelled “Shush, Kebab” at you over the years? Have you ever considered having a big squeezy bottle of tzatziki on stage to squirt at them?

I don’t like hecklers but I would never do that to them, it’s not nice… I just get the bouncers to ask them to leave politely… I’m Greek, but I’m not that Greek

Out of Gabriel, Tahir, Rob and yourself – who’s the biggest wog in Wild Wogs and why?

We all have our woggy traits but the three of us are also very Aussie in many ways too! I think Dom our Promoter is the woggiest even though he’s the youngest. Plus his Mum and Dad do a mean Capocollo!

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