Winter heart warmer at Soundlounge with three songwriters on show

“I’m playing music the way I want to now. I was 14 when I was given my first guitar. Ever since then I’ve been working to unblock the channels for my sound to come through more naturally”.

So says Hein Cooper, one of the artists who will take the stage at The Soundlounge, Currumbin tonight.

“I left our farm by the beach straight after school to study music at University.  After one semester I was out, swapping a formal education for cover gigs at bars and clubs around Sydney, finding my way with other musicians and creatives I was more naturally drawn to,” he says.

Hein will join Kyle Lionhart for the Thursday night session at one of the Gold Coast’s favourite venues. Lion hart is a neo-folk-soul artist from Byron Bay and he is quickly gaining a formidable reputation for stopping crowds in their tracks and selling out shows in cities across the country. His performance gives range to acoustic and electric guitars in unique tunings, and people speak of his mesmerising vocal range comparing him it to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Dallas Green and Bon Iver.

Former Rolling Stones Manager and now GC resident Sam Cutler said of his music, “this is what music is supposed to be like.”

If two gents on stage isn’t enough to drag you out on a mid-week, mid-winter’s night, then the addition of local songstress and rapidly rising star Ella Fence might just tip you over the edge.

Ella released her debut EP just last week and is proudly selling copies at her shows. The EP follows on the back of her sparkly new single Unknown Water, which saw her travel to the UK to work with Ken Stringfellow (Posies, REM) on its creation.

Ella brings a definitive stage presence to her shows and each of the five tracks on her EP would have you believe you were on set for a heart-wrenching, theatrical show-down with love as a central theme.

There is nothing waif-like about Ella’s voice. It is powerful, it evokes images of sweeping vistas (a la Paris, Texas), and what’s exciting, is that she is still finding her feet as a performer and song writer.

Watch: Ella Fence’s new video for Unknown Water.

Now, ditch the trackiedacks for some jeans and venture out for some local, live music tonight.

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Kyle Lionheart + Hein Cooper + Ella Fence
Thursday 18 June, 2015 | Soundlounge Currumbin

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