Wolf Alice Debut Video For ‘Bros’

There are precious few things in this world that are sure fire ways to make people feel connected with something – be it music, film, visual art or fashion – but nostalgia is one of them. Wolf Alice know this. Wolf Alice are very, very aware of this. Wolf Alice want to not so much tug at your heartstrings as rip them out and make you long for the carefree days of your childhood. And they’re doing it via the video for current single Bros, a glimmering wall of sound that celebrates the bonds that exist between best friends.
Bros has actually been around for a while, but the version that will sit at track 2 on their upcoming debut LP My Love Is Cool is a little different than the one many fans have known and loved. It’s still got the same sentimental charm, but the vocals are a little more crystalline and the instrumentation a little more rooted in underwater reverb.
The video itself, directed by ‘Sblood (who also directed the band’s Giant Peach video) has a simple premise: two young girls who are best friends do lots of best friend things together in singer Ellie Rowsell’s childhood neighbourhoods. You know, climb stuff, try on grown up shoes, play pranks on each other, gross each other out. Doesn’t sound too emotional, we know. But just try and watch it without a slightly sad wistful little smile creeping across your face. And you’ll probably want to hug your bestie at the end.
My Love Is Cool, which Rowsell has emphasised won’t be a grunge record, will be released June 19 via Dirty Hit Records/Sony Music Australia. Perfect timing to digest it before their upcoming appearance at Splendour in the Grass and accompanying sideshows.

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