It’s back to Woodstock for Lecia Louise

Woodstock is the one music festival that is still revered to this day, 50 years after the original concert event in 1969.

It was as much a movement as a musical showpiece, with generations of music lovers still reflecting on the sounds and general lifestyle advances associated with the festival.

In celebration of what was a period of life as well, local musician Lecia Louise has recently released single ‘Woodstock’ to a rousing reception, hoping to once again recreate the special feelings and excitement associated with the name.

“Woodstock was a landmark in the history of music,” she said. “It hosted so many of the greatest bands in the world – for example, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, The Who, Credence and so many more.

“Hundreds of thousands of people came to this festival all with the same purpose: peace and love.  A lot of the music resonated this desire for freedom. Many of those songs written were timeless and so many people still love them today. Maybe now, when we listen to the music from back then, it transports us back in time to this loving, free period in history.

“I would say it had something to do with the riffs, grooves, melodies, raw / luscious sounds,” she continued.

“Free love, the feel and vibes between band members. Song topics of freedom, love, sex, drugs…It was a breakaway from war and heading in a direction of love and also the development of electric guitar playing and rock / blues music just happened to be in a really cool place at that time.”

Although far too young to have been at Woodstock herself, Lecia has always felt the strong pull of that era in her own music and has decided to pay homage to that with the release of ‘Woodstock’.

“This song started from a guitar riff I wrote while I was bed-bound,” she explained, “1300km above sea level in Austria, while my leg was in a cast.  I could not move around so I brought the guitar to bed with me. I brought this riff to 8Ball Aitken to see if we could co-write something. Before we had settled on the Woodstock topic, I had been toying around with lyrics about 70’s music. 8Ball thought this could be a stronger topic so he asked me, ‘what is something you are very passionate about and love?’  After some thinking I had a simple reply, ‘I wish I was at Woodstock.'”

While remaining as a standalone single for now, Lecia reveals that she is in the process of writing an album on which the song will be featured.

“The album will be out next year,” she enthused. “It is a blues, rock, soul album, guitar and lyric-driven. I am unsure of the title yet so let’s see what springs to mind (laughs).”

Catch Lecia celebrating ‘Woodstock’ at Mt Tamborine Bowls Club on 1 November. You can follow her socials for updates, and check out the awesome video for ‘Woodstock’ below:

IMAGE (c) Brad Wagner Photography

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