Wren Klauf’s Book of Spells

A healthy blend of early psych and intelligent pop licks all packaged in your dad’s loose-fitting jeans from the ’90s, Wren Klauf have apparated onto the Gold Coast music scene with a hefty wallop. The eccentric mind of Sam Faulker – lead protagonist of the local four-piece – seems to operate on a slightly different plane to the rest of us. Which is precisely why his music is so refreshing.

What do you love most about living on the GC?

Gold Coast… Greatest city in Queensland… Southport, greatest suburb in Gold Coast. The folks and general artistic output from the GC is intense. We’re in for some massively positive changes I reckon.

The most under-rated musician right now? 

Hard to answer. Everyone is great. Kirin J Callinan is one of Australia’s most unique performers. You need to listen to his debut Embracism and view as many live performances as possible. Not under-rated, just needs your attention.

What’s your most vivid musical memory?

Propagandhi’s show at Miami Shark bar a couple years back. We thought the wooden floors up front were going to cave in to the underneath bar. Scary but awesome. Those blokes are next level song writers and performers. What a night…

If you could take five musicians on a road trip around Australia, who would you choose?

WK blokes and five others? Yep. Sean Regal Thomas, Andy Partridge (XTC), Kirin J Callinan, Guy Picciotto and The Keepaways. Thats more than five but it’s vital, sorry.

Tell us about the best gig you’ve ever played?

Hot TODD Time Machine, AKA: The Todd Show. A show dedicated to a top notch coastal gem of a bloke. Killer Trunk Hunks, Von Villains, Wren Klauf and Not Lenny. With Deltora Quest DJ’s and live visual art. Fucking mint and Todd and I exchanged a few loving words.

Wren Klauf’s new single Spellbound is out now ahead of their EP Gawk due early in 2017.  The play GD FRNDS Christmas showcase at Shark Bar, Friday 9 December.

IMAGE (c) Jake Wilton


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