Yoga in the sky

Darci Cole-Ensor was suffering from chronic pain resulting from a car accident. She’d heard that yoga helped to heal the body and so began her journey to becoming a yoga instructor.

“I really started for the physical benefits,” she said. “But it wasn’t long before I could feel the mind body connection.”

That was seven years ago and now Darci, a qualified yoga instructor is bringing a new style of yoga event to the Gold Coast.

“I went to see Future Sound of Yoga,” Darci explains. “It was one of the best yoga and music sessions I have ever done. I love live music and I love practicing yoga with different styles of music. I have a few friends in the music industry and AndyDub gave me a little push to make this happen.”

The “this” in question is a live music and yoga session – taking place at QT Hotel on 13 April. The sunset yoga ans live music event will feature DJ AndyDub and percussionist MindConTroll in a two hour yoga bonanza.

“QT has an awesome rooftop location and is central for the Gold Coast. I love the vibe of the place and it has views to the hinterland and ocean,” Darci said.

“I love bringing people together. I love seeing a community of people get together and connect. We spend so much time on connecting on social media these days and i think its important to get out, move your body and have fun in the company of others.”

Darci believes that yoga is for everyone.

“The class will be geared towards the beginner to intermediate yogini with options suitable for all,” she said. “It’s not so much about how the posture looks but more about how you feel. It’s going to be a fun and free flowing night where everyone can leave their ego at the door.”

With one-third of tickets sold in the first four days, Darci is expecting the event to sell out.

“I can safely say I think I’ll do more events at the QT. And I do have a few other events in the making with different styles of live music,” she said.

“The vibe will be ambient and buzzing. A Sunday session with less alcohol and more benefits.”

“It’ll be about wicket beats under the night sky with views of the hinterland and the ocean.”

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