You Am I + Jebediah: Live gallery | Parkwood Tavern | Saturday 19 October 2019

Friyay vibes saw a good sized crowd gathered for 90’s Aussie indie rock legends and good mates, You Am I and Jebediah down at Parkwood Tavern on Saturday night.

True to form, Jebediah hit the stage hard and loud opening with ‘Military Strongman’ and the crowd went off! Kevin Mitchell described the tour as an ‘East Meet West’ affair referencing Jebediah’s WA and You Am I’s NSW roots. Mitchell said the Qld leg was their “Troppo Adventure”. Crowd faves like ‘Animal’ and ‘Please Leave’ had the room jumping and singing the lyrics right back at the band. Back announcing Braxton Hicks, Mitchell shared that 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of their Braxton Hits album. More classic Jeb’s followed with ‘Harpoon’, ‘Fall Down’ and the much loved ‘Wasted’ to close out their set.

You Am I rode in on the high energy left by Jebediah and cranked it even higher opening with their hard-rocking number ‘Junk’ followed up by ‘Minor Bird’. Tim Rogers looming large over the stage as he does, invited the crowd to have a dance with the band. Not content with just dancing with the band, many continued to shout requests between songs. Rogers, known for his wicked tongue, disdain of poorly behaved crowds and his love of a good retort, replied to a chant of Play something good with: Listen…I’m 50 fucking years old and I’ve played 3500 shows. If you can find something better than this, I’ll fucking listen to it!”

And fair enough too! The set was the usual raw and honest style that You Am I have always been known for with plenty of energy and the band giving their all. The crowd got what they came for with hits like ‘Friend Like You’, ‘Applecross’, ‘Cathy’s Clown’ and the timeless ‘Berlin Chair’ to close out the set.

And so ended another night of high energy and heartfelt rock and roll on the Gold Coast. Both bands thanked the venue for their commitment to live music and the crowd for making the time and effort to come out and see them perform.

Words and images (C) Peter Wheeler Photography

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