YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE YOUTH | Five Instruments at Five AM


Emma Whines sits down to chat with musician Jared Plant about coping with the struggles of year 12, focusing on the little things in life and, oh, there’s also that pesky EP that he’s releasing and the five instruments that he’s learnt before he’s even finished high school, but hey, it’s all in a day’s work.

A harmonica, 12 string guitar, six string guitar, trumpet, stomp box and a loop pedal aren’t the usual items you’d find in a teenagers suitcase but for 17 year old Jared Plant these are all a part of his usual Monday morning commute.

“I usually leave my home in Mount Tamborine at around 5.00 to 5.30am so I can get to Brisbane at 7.00am to start school at Music Industry College. The day that follows is usually packed with recording, gigs and some normal classes in-between.”

While the talented youth is in the midst of finishing off his high school career, music (thankfully) has never taken a backseat and he’s managed to not only learn all the instruments mentioned above but also include most of them in an upcoming EP.

“The songs have been a work in the progress for a while now. Some are to groove along too, some are to cry along with and others are to be off the rails, you-have-to-work-Splendour-weekend, angry  with but they are all, at the end of the day, an expression of myself,” say Jared.

With constant comparisons to John Butler, Jared is fully aware of his talent and I mean how could you not when you shift from trumpet to guitar without even thinking about it, but with true Aussie nature, he takes it all in his stride while focusing on the simple things in life and appreciating music as a whole. This makes for minimalistic but jaw dropping gigs that allow you to appreciate live acoustic music like you’re hearing it again for the first time.

To find out where Jared is playing next and to keep up with the release of his EP like him on Facebook: Jared Plant Music.

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