You Can’t Handle The Youth: Rylan Kindness

Imagine being a successful entrepreneur with an already established business and another one on the way, but also traveling the world riding BMX bikes and competing in competitions with people twice your age, all by the time you’re 15 years old. Emma Whines sat down to have a chat with Brisbane local Rylan Kindness, who has conquered all of the above and believes that that is only the beginning.

It’s pretty rare to talk to a teenager who doesn’t define a sensational weekend as a bit of partying and a lot of Netflix. However, Rylan Kindness has a bit of a different outlook.

“I hate doing nothing, so I’m always looking for something to do and ways to challenge myself! I usually like to find an opportunity or a gap in the market and fill it. It usually helps people and if it’s something that I am passionate about it is just a great challenge and experience. I guess I’m kind of addicted to creating.”

BMX riding is another thing that Rylan is passionate about and it definitely keeps him busy. China Malaysia, France and Indonesia are just some of the places he’s travelled to in order to compete, and he has finished top 10 in just about all of them.

“I love BMX and it’s given me amazing opportunities to travel but I saw the top of the sport very early and I knew that you couldn’t do it your whole life, so I thought if I could do something that would allow me to travel whenever I wanted and provided a source of income to allow me to ride and compete that would work out great, so I did that.”

His first business venture was ways to compare parking facilities and find people the best parking deals all over Brisbane. His next venture is taking it a step up and is set to help people find parking deals while traveling, which is to launch later this year.

You can keep up with Rylan by liking his page on Facebook @OfficialRylanKindess

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