You can’t handle the youth: TH’FIKA 

TH’FIKA (pronounced ‘The Fi-Ka) is a Gold Coast band that has built its existence on short Swedish coffee breaks. It’s a rare and oddly specific time to start a band but it has seemed to work out well for them with the release of debut EP Home and touring up and down the East Coast of Australia most of last year. Emma Whines caught up with vocalist Lily Budiasa.

Lily and Michael Cameron, the masterminds behind TH’FIKA, studied a music degree together but fell out of touch due to the daily rhythm of life. Luckily, they reconnected when they were offered to play music six nights a week for four months in Japan, an offer no sane musician would turn down.

“When we arrived we started out playing solo in different venues but after a duo set on NYE we ended up playing the rest of the four months together every night with the most beautiful backdrop of snow filled mountains. It’s not often you just gel with another musician and pick up on each other’s vibes straight away,” Lily said.

“After gigging for a while together we started to write our own music acoustically and decided to start a band when we came back to Australia.”

Their songwriting process is just as interesting as their name. They have a well planned out, step by step process that they told me about. The steps (obviously) start at number one, which is “get in the zone,” This involves “a mad jam spot, cool lighting, heaps of reverb, snacks and drinks.”

After some casual jamming taking up the slot of step two, step three is “mumble some words and hopefully come up with a sweet melody,”. I mean, it may not be the most heartfelt approach to making music, but the end result is exactly that. Heartfelt and filled with steady emotion.

With triple J host Linda Magnolia offering up that “the female vocalist of TH’FIKA is what I imagine the love child of Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey would sound like…” it’s hard not to say that these guys are going places.

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