Young hearts run free this June

The Cardigans. Radiohead. Everclear. Garbage. Des’ree. Butthole Surfers. The kid with the buy propecia on line voice. Other songs you somehow knew all the words to. It’s been over 20 years since Baz Luhrmann turned the greatest love story ever told into levitra rezeptfrei aus holland the greatest soundtrack ever sold. Behold, 1996’s Romeo + Juliet, a cinematic masterpiece with an epic soundtrack to match.

Before there was Leo and Kate, there was Leo and Claire, in a love story for the ages (but still with an uber tragic ending – what’s with all the death, Leo?). Baz Lurhmann’s colourful, razor-sharp spectacle brought Shakespeare’s classic words into the modern era, replete with shiny silver ‘Sword’ brand guns, fast cars and even faster banter. Will anyone ever forget Harold Perrineau’s shining turn as the doomed Mercutio? A plague on both your levitra generic for sale houses!

HOTA, Home pill decription of propecia of the Arts is inviting all and sundry to the ultimate nostalgic 90s masquerade-ball rock show at the Outdoor Stage. The full soundtrack will be brought to life by a stellar lineup of musicians, performers and special guests, followed immediately by a retrospective DJ set.

So grab your finest, trashiest 90s masquerade garb and make your way to the gorgeous HOTA outdoors on Saturday 1 June for a party like no other. Recommended age 15+. Tickets here.

Need a refresher? Check out the soundtrack here before you sort your tickets for a night to remember at HOTA – Home of the Arts:

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