‘Zelos’ receives online release

After a limited theatrical release across Australia and a successful international run playing in 20+ festivals in four continents, award-winning feature film ‘Zelos’ will be released online this month. From 13 October 2018, this indie Australian gem will be available for rent or download on Amazon Prime, the iTunes Store, and Google Play.

‘Zelos’ documents the fallout from a man being asked by the woman he loves to have sex with someone else to save their relationship, after she has cheated.

From writer and producer Claire J Harris and director Jo-Anne Brechin, ‘Zelos’ is a discerning antidote to the current deluge of superhero films. Filmed around some of Sydney’s most stunning locations, it puts young Australian urbanites centre-stage. We caught up with writer Claire Harris when ‘Zelos’ came to the 2018 Gold Coast Film Festival.

“I wanted to explore the themes of jealousy and infidelity,” she told us. “I was interested in the way that every couple has to grapple with this issue at some point, not necessarily because of an actual affair but there’s always the possibility.”

Aussie actors Shannon Ashlyn and Logie nominated Ben Mortley star, alongside venerable stage talents Leigh Scully, Ainslie McGlynn and the legendary AFI nominated Jeanie Drynan – delivering nuanced performances usually reserved for American “smarthouse” films such as ‘Francis Ha’ and ‘Drinking Buddies’.

There comes a time (or times) in every long term relationship where the spectre of infidelity emerges – whether real, imagined or a flirtation with the possibility. But what if, in trying to patch up the fallout from an affair, you inadvertently worsened it? This story explores what happens when jealousy becomes the central theme of a relationship, no matter how hard the two parties try to stop it.

Watch the trailer for ‘Zelos’ below.

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