Zia Dandy

The Portland Oregon natives The Dandy Warhols will return to their second home Australia this October as they tour their latest and greatest album Distortland across our shores.

Distortland is their ninth studio album and their best by far. Their unique blend of garage psych is more refined than ever and you can sense there are no apologies or drawbacks in their delivery; it is the perfect blend of art and rock and roll.

The album was mixed and mastered by London super producer Jim Lowe whose back catalogue includes that of Beyonce, Taylor Swift and The Foo Fighters amongst a slew of various other artists.

It would seem Jim was the perfect fit for Distortland as listening to the album (over and over again) you are immersed in a perfect balance of grunge, psych and blues rock, subtly sprinkled with pop and global sounds. It is truly a piece of sonic art.

Yanina Benavidez had a chat to keyboardist Zia ahead of their visit to Australia, their third most visited place in the world, they have just completed part of their US tour which they are due to complete once they return from their Aussie visit.

How has Distortland been received so far?
Really well, so well. I feel like in the past each time we released an album it would take about a year or two to sink in, for everyone to get it. But for some reason it was instant with this album, people react to the songs live the same way they react to songs they have been listening to a decade or more. It’s kind of crazy.

Are you excited for your Australian tour?
Oh yeah, this is always one of our favoruite tours to do.We get treated really well and our fans in Oz are some of our favorites. I mean who doesn’t enjoy going to Australia every other year?

Will DJ Rescue me making an appearance this tour?
Yeah! I have a tonne of gigs booked, I’m doing the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on October 28, I should try get a gig for the Gold Coast. I have about 8 gigs in Sydney.

Whose idea was it to get Jim Lowe involved in mixing the album?
Oh, I have no idea, I never make these decisions, but whoever did that good job because he did is AMAZING and did an incredible job on it. I kind of wish had of mixed all our albums at this point. I love what he did, I love what he did with vocals especially, there is a separation and a dynamic that I am not sure we have ever achieved, I just think his work was fantastic.

You have an enormous European tour coming up are you looking forward to that?
I know, we are tired. We are in the middle of our US tour so even looking at future tour is exhausting to think about. We love touring, we love it, but oh my gosh it takes a lot of commitment. I am staying on an extra week to do my own shows in Sydney and Melbourne. This tour is going great, we got out of Florida in the nick of time before hurricane Matthew hit them. We do a couple more shows before we have 6 days off! We’re going to chill the f*** out once that’s over. I think after touring we would all like some more time at home with our families. But we are so excited about the whole tour. This album has been so well received at home so it’s going to be fun to take around the world!

The Dandy Warhols play Parkwood Tavern on Sunday 30 October and Eatons Hill Hotel on 29 October, as well as Zia taking her solo show as DJ Rescue to The Black Bear Lodge on 28 October. Their latest album Distortland is turning heads and is available now.


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